Change of Majors and Visiting Students

University College (UCOL) and Other Non-Majors

Students admitted as University College (UCOL) are advised by the University Advising Center. Other non-majors will continue to be advised by their current major advisor until eligible to declare Mechanical Engineering.

Non-engineering majors cannot take any sophomore-level and higher engineering-specific courses until they are admitted to an engineering program. Non-engineering majors must complete the change of major process before approval is given for sophomore-level, engineering-specific courses.

University College majors and all other non-majors wishing to declare Mechanical Engineering must:

  • Complete the freshman curriculum of Mechanical Engineering with a GPA of at least 3.0
  • Have no more than two attempts per course (attempts include courses taken at Charlotte and other institutions and withdrawing from a course with a grade of W)
ENGR 1201 ENGR 1202-M
CHEM 1251 PHYS 2101
CHEM 1251L PHYS 2101L
MATH 1241 MATH 1242
LBST 110X WRDS 1103 or 1104
Science Elective LBST 210X, 2301 or 221X


  • Options for the science elective are: BIOL 1110, CHEM 1252, GEOL 1200 or PHYS 1130
  • Courses in bold font require a grade of C or better

ENGR 1201

Non-engineering majors cannot enroll in ENGR 1201 (Introduction to Engineering I) or ETGR 1101 (Introduction to Engineering Technology) during the fall semester but may enroll during the spring or summer if seats are available. Students advised in the University College must contact their advisor to request a seat in ENGR 1201 or ETGR 1101. Students advised in other departments should contact to request an authorization for the course.

ENGR 1202-M

  • University College (UCOL) majors must request ENGR 1202-M through their assigned UCOL Advisor.
  • Other non-majors must request ENGR 1202-M by submitting an email to

Change of Major Process for Mechanical Engineering

UCOL and non-majors enrolled in ENGR 1202-M are contacted by email with instructions for completing the change of major process.

Due to high demand and limited space, admission to the major of mechanical engineering is competitive. Completion of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the major. Decisions are based on a holistic review of a student's entire academic record. This includes but is not limited to grades earned at other institutions and at UNC Charlotte.

Visiting Students


Apply to be a visiting student at UNC Charlotte by completing the application process outlined by Academic Affairs.

Begin your planning by exploring your 'home' institution's course equivalencies to ensure you request the correct course to receive credit. Also, explore the course catalog for descriptions:

Course Requests

Accepted Summer Visiting Students wishing to enroll in any engineering course must obtain authorization from a MEES Academic Advisor, Contact Ms. Rebecca Stamper ( for assistance.

All non-engineering and visiting authorization requests will be reviewed and processed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs.