Master’s Non-Thesis Option

Option B: Non-Thesis/Project
Mathematics Courses6 credit hours
Concentration Courses12 credit hours
Elective Courses9 credit hours
Capstone Course3 credit hours
Total Degree Hours = 30

Non-Thesis/Project Option Objectives

  • To expose students to the nature of true engineering work in the form of a single project course.
  • To introduce the fundamental tools for project execution that will be expected in the workplace.

Master’s Non-Thesis/Project Timeline

1st Semester

Students entering the Master’s program in Fall 2020, who have not identified a thesis advisor by May 15, 2021, will be placed into the Non-Thesis Option.

Graduation Semester

(follow all deadlines published in the Academic Calendar)

  • Enroll in the selected Capstone Course, if not already completed and any remaining coursework. All students must be registered during their graduation term.
  • Submit Graduation Application via
  • Submit any required Final Project Deliverables for Capstone Course.

Comprehensive Exam Information

MS students entering the program in Spring 2017 or later are not eligible to sit for the comprehensive exam. Email the Associate Chair for Graduate Programs at about taking the comprehensive exam, if eligible.

View exam concentration areas, topic syllabi, and sample exams.