Active research projects include orthopedic biomechanics, cryopreservation and anhydrous cell preservation, biocompatibility of new materials, tissue engineering, cryosurgery and microfluidic chips.

Graduate Faculty:

Ahmed El-Ghannam | Charles Lee | Nigel Zheng

Depending on interest, graduate students with interests in bioengineering typically make primary course selections from the following list. For a complete listing of available courses, students are advised to consult the course delivery schedule.

  • MEGR 7151/8151: Mechanics of the Human Locomotor System
  • MEGR 7090/8090: Special Topics: Biomedical Fluidics: Microfluidics and Brain Chips
  • MEGR 7090/8090: Special Topics: Biomedical Manufacturing
  • MEGR 7090/8090: Special Topics: Orthopedic Biomechanics
  • MEGR 7090/8090: Special Topics: Biological Thermodynamics