Master’s Thesis Option

Option A: Thesis
Mathematics Courses6 credit hours
Concentration Courses12 credit hours
Elective Courses6 credit hours
Thesis Research (MEGR 7991)6 credit hours
Total Degree Hours = 30

Master’s Thesis Timeline

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Students are strongly encouraged to review Graduate School resources related to research, writing, and thesis formatting during the beginning stages of research.

Graduation Semester

(follow all deadlines published in the Academic Calendar and Master’s Thesis Graduation Checklist)

  • Register. All students must be registered during their graduation term.
  • Submit Graduate Application via
  • Complete Thesis Formatting Review
  • Schedule Final Thesis Defense
    • Complete the following two weeks prior to your defense:
      • contact MEES Department to schedule a room for the defense
      • submit MS Thesis Abstract Announcement
      • distribute a draft of your thesis to your committee members for review
  • Final Thesis Defense
  • Thesis Submission
    • Electronic submission of Thesis to ProQuest
    • Submission and ETD Form
    • Copyright and/or Open Access Publishing (both optional)