Applying for Graduation

Students must indicate their intention to graduate by submitting an Online Graduation Application by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar each semester.

  1. Log into
  2. Under Academic Resources, select ‘Student Records’.
  3. Under ‘Student Records’, select ‘Online Graduation Application’.
  4. Click “Continue” if this is the first time a graduation application has been submitted or “Create a New Application” if one has been submitted previously.
  5. After all sections are complete, click the “Submit” button.

Scheduling your Defense

Please email the Graduate Programs Director at to schedule your defense at least two weeks prior to your scheduled date. Please include the defense details (day, time, location, faculty advisor(s), title, and abstract).

PhD students are required to submit their Dissertation Defense Announcement here.

Graduate Learning Outcomes

Provide one copy of the Graduate Learning Outcomes Rubric to each member of your dissertation or thesis committee at the time of your defense. Completed rubrics must be returned to or given to Ms. Kyra Taylor (DUKE 381) or Dr. Terry Xu (DUKE 256). A list of publications is also required for each student; Dr. Xu will sign the Final Defense Report upon receipt of the publications list.

Complete graduation information and instructions, including checklists and forms, are available through the Graduate School. Please follow the deadlines and requirements on the academic calendar and the graduation checklist specific to your graduation semester.


All deadlines are published on the official Academic Calendar. Students are responsible for following the policies published in the Graduate Catalog. Complete graduation clearance information, including doctoral and master’s checklists are available on the Graduate School website.