Graduate Admission


Applicants are encouraged to read the Graduate School's admissions page first to understand the general requirements for admission to a graduate program at Charlotte. In addition to meeting the general requirements as stated above, admission to the MEES graduate programs are dependent on the applicant's demonstrated evidence of academic preparation and motivation to pursue graduate studies in the chosen field of study, as perceived from the application package. 

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester (August)
Priority Application Submission: March 1st
Final Application Submission: August 15th
Recommended Acceptance for International Students: May 1st

Spring Semester (January)
Priority Application Submission: October 1st
Final Application Submission: January 1st

Recommended Acceptance for International Students: November 1st

Acceptance Deadlines

Fall Semester (August) - July 1st
Spring Semester (January) - November 1st

Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

Please visit the Graduate School's Admissions FAQ.